Keep CO Local

June 30, 2015

Wagon Wheel Liquors, located in Durango, CO, is working to Keep Colorado Local, which means that you can find your favorite local beers, wines, and liquors at your favorite liquor store in the area. Unlike many other states, Colorado liquor stores operate separately than chain stores and grocery stores, which in turn has brought more benefits than most would have ever though possible. Since Colorado liquor stores are locally and independently owned (you’re only allowed to own just one in the state) business is competitive, prices are fair, jobs are given to locals and money is kept in the state. But this isn’t all, local liquor stores offer personalized service and a much larger selection – from your favorite brands and flavors, to the local brews you may not have seen yet, and still need to try.

For anyone from Colorado, the concept of going to a liquor store to get your spirits, or favorite craft brew, has simply always been second nature. However, many people traveling to the area are pleasantly surprised that by not having liquor available in grocery stores, the options open up for these small businesses. Upon walking into some of our favorite liquor stores, such as Wagon Wheel Liquors, you experience not just the abundant choices but the knowledgeable staff, as well. When you have questions about flavors between different vodkas, whiskies, or wines, mixing the perfect drink, or finding an ideal gift for the dinner party you plan on attending, so much of this information would be hard to find at a grocery store, where selling liquors is simply another type of product they sell, not the sole product they specialize in.

Keeping Colorado Local also supports our local brewers, wineries, and distilleries that set Colorado apart from other states as a top place to visit and live! Given Colorado is home to some of the best breweries in the country, and many beloved local wineries, it’s crazy to think that many such products may have never gotten to where they are now, without their local liquor and beer stores. Joining in and helping to Keep Colorado Local by supporting your local liquor stores, will help to keep all of these great small businesses around for future generations to enjoy.